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Register and hear from Hortonworks, Hadoop committers, customers and partners to discuss technology innovations, real world use cases.

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Hortonworks DataFlow

The best way to automate and secure all types of data flows. Collect, conduct, and curate real-time business insights, from anything, anywhere.

Hortonworks Data Platform 2.3

Accelerating Open Enterprise Hadoop

Architected, developed, and built completely in the open, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) offers the latest in community-driven Apache Hadoop innovation.

With Apache YARN at its core, HDP 2.3 is a data platform for multi-workload data processing across an array of processing methods - from batch through interactive to real-time, supported by key capabilities required of an enterprise data platform -- spanning Governance, Security and Operations.

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Hortonworks Sandbox is the easiest way to get started with HDP: a single-node cluster in a virtual machine complete with step-by-step tutorials.

+ HDP : Perfect Together

Apache Spark brings fast, in-memory data processing to Hadoop. Elegant and expressive APIs allow for efficient streaming, machine learning or SQL workloads.

Hadoop's YARN-based architecture provides the foundation that enables Spark and other applications to share a common cluster and dataset while ensuring consistent levels of service and response. Spark is now one of many data access engines that work with YARN in HDP.

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New Opportunities, New Efficiencies

Open Enterprise Hadoop Drives Transformational Change

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Cut storage costs by integrating Hadoop into your data center. Optimize EDW by offloading low-value computing tasks such as ETL to Hadoop.
New Analytic Apps

New Analytic Apps

Create new business value with advanced analytic apps that take advantage of shared data and services,
Any Workload

Any Workload

Store data centrally, and enable multiple workloads to use it with a range of processing engines
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Support from the architects of Hadoop

Hortonworks Enterprise Support is backed by leading committers to Apache Hadoop open source projects.

An HDP Support Subscription connects you to a uniquely qualified and skilled team of Apache Hadoop professionals with deep experience running Apache Hadoop in production, at scale on the most demanding workloads..

Get expert technical assistance implementing HDP; from development and proof-of-concept to QA/test to production and deployment.

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Get up and running with Hadoop in as little as one week.

Hortonworks Jumpstart combines expert support, training, and services to help you get up and running with Hadoop quickly and successfully. Get help installing and configuring HDP and start your journey with Hadoop.. Learn More »