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Why Hortonworks?

Unlock the value in your big data with Enterprise Apache Hadoop.

Hortonworks Data Platform

The 100% open-source, enterprise grade distribution of Hadoop.

Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1

Presentation & Applications
Enable both existing and new applications to provide value to the organization.
Enterprise Management & Security
Empower existing operations and security tools to manage Hadoop.
Governance Integration
Data Workflow, Lifecycle & Governance
Data Access
Access your data simultaneously in multiple ways (batch, interactive, real-time)
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Hadoop Distributed File System
Data Management
Store and process your Corporate Data Assets
Authentication, Authorization, Audit & Data Protection
Deploy, Manage and Monitor
Provision, Manage & Monitor
Deployment Choice
  • Linux & Windows
  • On Premise or Cloud/Hosted
100% Open Source Enterprise Apache Hadoop

HDP 2.1 includes the most recent innovation being delivered in the open Hadoop community. With YARN at its core, new data processing engines, and expanded enterprise capabilities, HDP 2.1 delivers on a single integrated and tested platform for the enterprise. More »

Download HDP 2.1
HDP 2.1 is now available

Do more with Hadoop, with YARN

Run multiple applications on a single cluster

YARN, the data operating system within Hadoop, makes it possible to combine multiple data sets on one cluster and access them with a variety of processing engines.

This opens up new opportunities and enables businesses to move from single-purpose Hadoop clusters to an integrated data platform hosting multiple applications. More »

Build applications on YARN

The YARN APIs give developers powerful tools at a low level. Meanwhile, engines such as Apache Tez and Apache Slider opens services for quick integration of 3rd party processing and services. Get Started with YARN

UPCOMING WEBINARS : Hortonworks' engineers and partners explore new functionality found in HDP2.1 More »

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Hortonworks Sandbox is a self-contained virtual machine with HDP pre-configured alongside a set of hands-on, step-by-step Hadoop tutorials.

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