Apache Hadoop partnership stresses flexibility and freedom

One of the key issues that prospective big data adopters need to consider before deploying an advanced analytics project is data storage. As its name implies, big data requires a massive amount of information to be compiled and analyzed to ensure the best results. However, the high cost of servers has often made the launch of a big data project difficult if not impossible for many prospective businesses. The emergence of Apache Hadoop has created a viable solution to this problem, as the platform provides cost-effect data storage capabilities for advanced analytics projects.

Those features are poised to have a considerable upgrade with the recent announcement from Hortonworks and Red Hat that the two companies have partnered to provide enterprises with far greater flexibility integrating storage solutions with Hadoop. For instance, Hortonworks' Hadoop architecture will be compatible with Red Hat's storage solutions, allowing clients to launch Hadoop from a POSIX-compliant storage node. With this integration, customers will be able to apply data from across the enterprise to their Hadoop processes, driving down the expenses incurred from data deduplication. This feature will allow users to potentially save as much as 50 percent of the costs of their Hadoop clusters.

In addition, the new partnership included plans to facilitate innovation across Hadoop's development communities. Because Hortonworks' Apache Hadoop product is an open-source platform, it has witnessed widespread support among developers and has even improved its offerings based on their advancements. For example, Hortonworks Data Platform 1.3 incorporated developments made in open source community. One of the focal points of the partnership will be the optimization of the Apache Ambari project, which allows for the integration of alternative file systems with their Hadoop operations, providing greater flexibility for open-source pursuits.

"By driving innovation through the open communities, we look forward to working with Red Hat to increase overall open source Apache Hadoop adoption in the enterprise," Hortonworks vice president Greg Pavilik stated. "This collaboration only increases the already rapid pace of community-driven innovation happening around Hadoop."

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