Circumventing big data hurdles with Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks

Big data analytics have gained in popularity over the last few years, yet many operations continue to struggle with their implementation. Not all analytics platforms are created equal and businesses may find that a hastily chosen application is unsuitable for their needs and existing capabilities. For instance, only the most high-quality solutions will facilitate the use of unstructured data. The scope of a data analytics project can be greatly improved by incorporating difficult-to-quantify information sources such as audio and video recordings, allowing researchers to dig deeper into the data pool and glean more actionable insights.

The need for greater functionality has driven many organizations to choose Apache Hadoop as the platform from which to launch their big data initiatives, spurring market growth. According to a report released by MarketsandMarkets, the global Hadoop market is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 55 percent through 2016. By 2017, its total value will have reached nearly $14 billion. Because Hadoop architecture is an open-source platform, the technology can be successfully leveraged for operational enhancement in any sector.

"Hadoop applications such as HDFS, Hive, Pig and Hbase have also been developed by Apache Software Foundation to support loading, storing and transforming data in a Hadoop cluster," the report stated. "These Hadoop applications ensure that organizations across various industry verticals can undertake a smooth transition from traditional analytics towards Hadoop-based big data analytics."

Other companies may find that their personnel lack the necessary analytics skills to get the most out of this advanced analytics tool. However, organizations can remove this barrier by enrolling their burgeoning analysts in Apache Hadoop tutorial courses provided by certain developers. As noted by Contractor UK, Hortonworks offers a range of accredited courses to bring developers up to speed on how to optimize their Apache Hadoop utilities. Because Hortonworks was formed by several key members of the original Hadoop design team, the company has the credentials to provide expert guidance.

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