Company finds success with Hadoop and Hortonworks

Hadoop technology has been at the forefront of the big data boom from the beginning. As the trend continues to expand, more developers are finding that the analytics platform offers the right balance of scalability, operability and cost-effectiveness for meeting their big data needs. It does not appear that Hadoop's grip on the industry will loosen any time soon.

TechNavio recently released a report forecasting the growth of the worldwide Hadoop market. Researchers expect the market to expand at a  compound annual growth rate of more than 55 percent through 2016. According to the report's publishers, the increasing demand for big data analytics will drive Hadoop spending in the next few years.

The freedom of an open source platform
Many businesses have already achieved success by utilizing Hadoop technology. Network World reported that Neustar, a publicly-traded analytics company worth approximately $830 million, has begun building its big data solutions on Hadoop platforms. After working with other distribution packages, Neustar found that it needed a platform that provided developmental freedom with an open source framework.

"One thing we were trying to get away from are [sic] prepackaged vendors with proprietary stuff," Michael Peterson, vice president of platforms and data architecture, told the news outlet.

Neustar found that freedom with the tools offered by Hadoop provider Hortonworks. The company supplied Neustar with open source Apache Hadoop code which could then be built upon and scaled up or down depending on a project's needs. With a 120-node Hadoop cluster at its disposal, Neustar is now able to manage more than 2 petabytes of data providing more comprehensive and accurate analytics solutions.

Providing better insights through Hadoop
These tools can provide valuable insights to businesses across multiple industries. For instance, retailers can track interactions between customers and their sites to identify behavioral trends to capitalize on. This information can be used to create more accurate consumer profiles and more focused marketing campaigns. Practical eCommerce cited one famous example in particular to highlight the incredible insights big data can bring to retailers. Reportedly, a big box retailer's data analytics tools was able to correctly predict that a teenage customer was pregnant before her family became aware. Data analytics can provide companies with previously unthinkable consumer insights.

These efforts can be further enhanced by using Hadoop big data tools. Prepackaged materials may provide some insights, but only a truly open source platform will allow development teams to customize their projects to fit their specific needs.

"If you're a company that's paying attention to the next generation of engineers and what types of teams they will build, going open source is what you need to do to energize that group," Peterson said.

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