Demand for Hadoop installation evident in latest IT trends

The most sought-after skills in the IT job market offer a window into the approaches that are driving technological innovation, as organizations make an effort to attract personnel that can propel their business forward. Current research indicated that Hadoop and big data are the analytical frameworks for which organizations are in the hottest pursuit. According to IT career consultants Dice, Hadoop-related skills are in the highest demand by hiring managers, with Hadoop and Java topping the list. Furthermore, Hadoop and MapReduce, Pig and Hive are all in the top ten. These positions cannot be entirely filled by new candidates, however, because there isn't enough supply to meet the demand. This problem was discussed at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, reported Data Informed.

"When it comes to analytics, there's not a large talent pool," said IT solutions professional John Roese at the symposium. "The actual tools are new. It's a challenge to find 1,000 Hadoop experts."

Forward-looking organizations can eschew the fierce competition that will likely color the next several years of finding analytics candidates by enabling agile Hadoop users from within. With the aid of Hadoop tutorials, organizations can easily embrace the framework and applications that make Hadoop one of the pillars of a new generation of business insights. Companies that don't make a concerted effort toward comprehensive Hadoop usage risk devaluing their own data, Data Informed stated. A sandbox program can immediately propel users on the path to actionable data insights. Hadoop experts can implement an Apache Hadoop system to allow end users to incubate their data for real-time applications and modernized data insights. Research indicates that organizations are counting on more dynamic, independent users who are able to make insights on their own. A Hadoop tutorial gives these employees the right tools to build their intelligence and internally solve the company's big data worries.

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