Hadoop and the age of experimentation

One of the founding precepts of Hadoop is that if there's a problem with data, analysis or applications, solve it. If a solution is not available, make one. The open source Hadoop framework has always supported the art of experimentation as a valuable source of insights, and many directives have come out of testing different fixes and happy accidents. As a disruptive innovation, Hadoop is quite scientific in this way – users can cultivate different hypotheses and build on other's ideas, refitting pieces of various puzzles to develop breakthroughs that change the way the whole system works.

Apache Hadoop is one of a number of tools that have minimal costs and come with a high level of upside, like big data and the internet economy, that make it easier for businesses to try out new ideas without fear that a mistake will prove expensive. This is especially an asset for small businesses and startups that are trying to make up the deficit between their big ideas and limited initial resources.

Information Management contributor and business analytics expert Steve Miller had one simple question for experimentation in analytics: why not? He noted that passive observational models don't engender the acute, complex systems necessary to compete in today's markets, while small data sampling can't get at the big picture companies must have to optimize business strategies. Coupled with enhanced, real-time access to consumers and their data, analytics frameworks like Hadoop don't require a massive investment and can be easily implemented. Configuring Hadoop can proceed as the business grows – Hadoop certification and training can quickly bring users up to speed and drive innovation, while other Hadoop tools can augment the system in place as need arises.

Another way that Hadoop offers more security in experimentation is for analytics applied offline – industries like healthcare are able to use Hadoop for real-world benefits, reported SiliconANGLE. The Hadoop support system encourages users to try new things without risk of decreasing business investments. 

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