How Hadoop benefits data handling and management

At this point, many consumers have a decent knowledge of what companies can do with big data. They may not understand the science behind business analytics or Apache Hadoop, but they know that companies are leveraging data generated by their activity into marketing and business strategies. While many consumers are willing to offer their data to businesses in exchange for improvements in targeted online advertising or a better customer service experience, organizations should also keep in mind that consumers are implicitly putting them on alert. As companies spend more time with big data, the general public will increasingly have higher expectations for their ability to make meaningful use of it.

Simply using more data as a strategy is firmly in the rearview mirror. Forward-thinking organizations must target better data handling and management, according to ICO commissioner Christopher Graham, in order to build their core business models and promote more consumer and market growth. He said that the window to leverage basic analytics strategies for business success is shrinking, and that companies would need to turn to better ways of handling and structuring their data in order to succeed, SC Magazine reported.

"Education and empowerment have been two of the key areas we've focused on in the past 12 months," Graham said. "The result is consumers expecting organizations to handle their data in a proper way, and in a legal way. Businesses that don't meet the basic requirement are going to quickly find themselves losing customers."

No more business analytics shortcuts
The consequence for business models of the need for better data handling strategies is that many of the old analytics shortcuts are effectively eliminated. According to TechTarget contributor Lyndsay Wise, the inclusion of more data sources and social media analytics threatens to dilute data quality under old models. Or lack of models – she wrote that many businesses maintained smaller amounts of data internally, and didn't need a framework to house it, so they never developed a formal strategy for data handling and management. 

Hadoop installation can help businesses build analytics solutions from the ground up. The key here isn't shortcuts – it's scalability. Businesses can choose to phase in foundational Hadoop components, like MapReduce, at first, before graduating to additional pieces of Hadoop architecture. This way, data management is conducted on a granular level, so that data clusters aren't scattered in an unstructured environment, and Hadoop HDFS provides a comprehensive solution for managing existing data and easily adding new pieces of information.

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