Big Data Insights

High level updates and insights from the world of Big Data
Members of the travel and tourism industries can significantly enhance their operations by deploying Hadoop big data tools.
Gathering data is the first step to deploying an effective analytics project. By leveraging Hadoop's network of nodes and clusters, business leaders can be sure that they have the resources available to accommodate this need.
Sophisticated business analytics strategies and better data management through Hadoop can improve the effectiveness of customer relationship management.
As the Hadoop system continues to evolve, it could become the platform for big data applications and development.
Companies looking to launch a successful big data or business analytics campaign should first consider what questions they want addressed.
Hadoop can help organizations take their business analytics to the next level, moving beyond big data basics to data handling and management.
Apache Hadoop can enable organizations to effectively navigate the massive, densely connected and constantly updating web of social media platforms.
Hadoop supports business analytics experimentation, an important component of developing strategies that lead to a better footprint and organic growth.
Enterprise Apache Hadoop users can leverage Hadoop into a powerful tool for reaping the benefits of collaborative data sharing.
Big data and Hadoop tools will increasingly allow companies to utilize customer insights to improve their services and increase productivity.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at Imperial College London on  The Future of Big Data Management. This was organized by some of the CERN physicists who were interested in bringing together scientists across different fields together with those of us in the computing industry working on some of the same problems.

CERN’s Hadron Collider Experiments -ATLAS and CMS being the big two- are the latest in a long line of particle detectors that have always stressed the computing, network and storage technologies of the time. …

As analytics platforms like Hadoop become more powerful and user-friendly, the market for intelligent business software will continue to grow.
At the Hadoop Summit, industry analysts touted YARN as an evolutionary step in processing Hadoop HDFS and improving enterprise big data operations.
Implementing sophisticated, real-time analysis for big data insights can be an easy process with Apache Hadoop and MapReduce.
Apache Hadoop has quickly risen from a promising curiosity to a industry leader, based on its high performance and many applications.
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