Big Data Insights

High level updates and insights from the world of Big Data
Hadoop architecture can foster smarter data use in nonprofit and government organizations by aligning information with objectives. 
A group of high school students used data analytics tools, such as those built upon an Apache Hadoop foundation, to identify San Francisco crime trends.
Businesses looking to take an active approach to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem can use this Hadoop tutorial to optimize operations.
Hadoop technology has provided businesses with a more practical solution to their data analytics needs.
Firms worried about the gap between the supply of Hadoop experts and the growing demand can utilize Hadoop tutorials to create them in house.
Companies can take a page from Hadoop's open-source history to emphasize collaboration in big data insights.
Although largely utilized in the private sector, Hadoop and big data tools could benefit government agencies as well.
Organizations looking for a management application for big data optimization should consider a Hadoop tutorial in Apache Ambari.
With data analytics spending on the rise, businesses that fail to launch their own project risk missing out on the benefits of a Hadoop-based solution.
As more enterprises pursue business analytics solutions, leaders can take steps to improve the effectiveness of their deployment.
Innovations in Hadoop big data analysis make personal information more accessible and dynamic. 
Although banks and other financial centers could greatly benefit from Hadoop-based business analytics tools, they have struggled to ensure the accuracy of their databases.
Apache Hadoop offers the focused, results-driven approach that can make big data analytics aerodynamic. 
Formula One racing engineers have leveraged big data tools to build better cars and improve vehicle performance.
With movie studios investing hundreds of millions of dollars into their projects, executives and producers have turned to data analytics to improve scripts and mitigate their financial risk.