Big Data Insights

High level updates and insights from the world of Big Data
Apache Hadoop offers the focused, results-driven approach that can make big data analytics aerodynamic. 
Formula One racing engineers have leveraged big data tools to build better cars and improve vehicle performance.
With movie studios investing hundreds of millions of dollars into their projects, executives and producers have turned to data analytics to improve scripts and mitigate their financial risk.
More organizations are adopting Hadoop, but are still working toward optimal Apache Hadoop utilization.
Big data analysis can offer stress-reducing solutions to travel anxiety.
Big data insights are behind improvements in humanitarian efforts and peace-keeping.
Big data tools could help educators improve student performance by providing an individualized learning experience.
Ford's recent resurgence has been facilitated by the use of data analytics.
Big data tools could help companies seek out more qualified yet unheralded job candidates.
Spurred on by the promise of improving epidemiology research, more healthcare organizations are investing in big data than ever before.
Big data has allowed officials to more accurately predict where piracy is likely to occur and plot safer courses for ships to take.
Researchers at a California medical center successfully implemented Hadoop big data platforms to provide better care and reduce related costs.
With more access to patient information, medical professionals can leverage big data tools to reduce costs and improve treatment.
Although the housing market has improved recently, realtors could benefit even more from big data solutions.
With the amount of information being generated by its users, video game companies could benefit significantly from data analytics programs.