Big Data Insights

High level updates and insights from the world of Big Data
Officials have leveraged big data tools to improve city operations.
Using big data tools, building managers can optimize the operations of structures and reduce expenses.
In order to protect sensitive information and prevent the disruption of their data analytics projects, organizations should take precautionary security measures.
The federal government has leveraged big data tools to better identify money laundering activity.
British retailer Tesco used big data tools to improve its efficiency and reduce wasteful spending.
A recent study reported that the big data market is expected to surge in the coming years.
A Finnish company is developing a data analytics tool to make waste management services more efficient.
Big data analytics can help struggling postal services find new avenues to increase cash flow.
Big data analytics can provide retailers with a tool to compete with online rivals.
Water consumption is becoming a matter of massive importance in the Southwest. Big data tools can help communities reform their wasteful practices.
Using Hadoop big data tools, school officials can enhance their operations and improve the quality of education provided.
European bankers are turning to big data tools in order to enhance their credit risk assessment models.
The president announced a new initiative to leverage data analytics tools to map out the human brain.
Using Hadoop-powered analytics tools, engineers can predict the probability of mechanical failure.
As the volume of data stored in the enterprise continues to grow, organizations see this information as representing a substantial portion of their assets.