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Where is Hadoop headed?

The early years of Hadoop development focused on creating a platform that could handle analytics at a large scale, but the coming years will more likely focus on refining the environment to work at faster speeds, according to panelists at the recent Structure: Data 2013 conference.
With software built upon a Hadoop architecture, medical personnel can predict dangerous changes in patients' brain pressure.
Social media giant Facebook is one of Hadoop and big data's biggest champions, and it claims to operate the largest single Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS) cluster anywhere, with more than 100 petabytes of disk space in a single system as of July 2012.
Powered by tools such as Hadoop, the media companies of the future will analyze data to deliver relevant content to audiences, according to Patrick Vogt, president of the international division for The Weather Company.

Hadoop future looks bright

Hadoop continues its big data dominance despite some companies struggling to launch their projects.
Government agencies are beginning to take advantage of their huge volumes of collected information with the help of big data tools. 
Big data analytics are frequently touted for their world-changing properties, but many users feel stymied by the complexity of turning the vast amounts of information they're currently gathering into actionable insights. Using Hadoop clusters and databases, processing the stores of unstructured data that hold the most promise can be simplified, allowing organizations to make sense of information.
Hadoop and big data capabilities are consistently touted as one of the most significant trends in business innovation, particularly as open source development allows users to implement new features.
With energy consumption becoming a global concern, some researchers have used big data analytics to find solutions.
Big data analytics has provided educators with a tool to select proper reading material for students, potentially increasing the nation's literacy rates.
Big data's record of success bringing lower costs and higher revenues for businesses has driven interest in this type of analytics.
Computer games give players new worlds to explore, and by using Hadoop file systems to evaluate player data, gaming is also creating a virtual playground for analytics professionals.
Members of Microsoft have recently dispelled a number of mistaken beliefs regarding the nature of big data deployment.
Big data applications can be utilized to help financial centers combat fraud.
One healthcare consortium has leveraged its EHR system to enhance its big data projects.
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