Big Data Insights

High level updates and insights from the world of Big Data
Big data provides security professionals with a new tool in the fight against cybercrime.
Big data tools such as Hadoop and data virtualization are essential for customer management as businesses move toward providing more individualized experiences.
Current clinical trial data is limited to a small share of adult patients, but new big data tools such as Hadoop are increasingly making it possible to push healthcare research beyond these contained study groups to larger databases.
A data analytics company found that open source Hadoop code provided them with the freedom needed to create effective solutions.
The "Moneyball" phenomenon in baseball is one of the most commonly cited and high-profile instances of an industry using data-driven insights to improve performance, but the ways professional baseball teams handle statistics are changing as teams attempt to account for more intangible variables. Experts have predicted that teams may soon begin using Hadoop clusters to make use of the unstructured data that accompanies traditional stats.
Managing an international, multi-brand hotel group involves tracking an enormous number of metrics, providing an opportunity to use Hadoop and big data to improve both operational and executive-level business performance.
Sears has used Hadoop tools to enhance several facets of its business operations.
Public safety departments have been able to use big data tools to improve their services.
Brands of all types are excited by the idea of delivering more personalized customer experiences through the use of Hadoop and big data analytics, but, in reality, many are falling short by failing to integrate data from multiple sources.

Where is Hadoop headed?

The early years of Hadoop development focused on creating a platform that could handle analytics at a large scale, but the coming years will more likely focus on refining the environment to work at faster speeds, according to panelists at the recent Structure: Data 2013 conference.
With software built upon a Hadoop architecture, medical personnel can predict dangerous changes in patients' brain pressure.
Social media giant Facebook is one of Hadoop and big data's biggest champions, and it claims to operate the largest single Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS) cluster anywhere, with more than 100 petabytes of disk space in a single system as of July 2012.
Powered by tools such as Hadoop, the media companies of the future will analyze data to deliver relevant content to audiences, according to Patrick Vogt, president of the international division for The Weather Company.
Hadoop continues its big data dominance despite some companies struggling to launch their projects.
Government agencies are beginning to take advantage of their huge volumes of collected information with the help of big data tools.