Protecting data in Hadoop

Once an enterprise has its Hadoop platform up and running, it may want to consider employing security measures to protect all of the valuable data it is amassing on its servers. Cybercriminals can find many ways to profit from information, regardless of the industry or field of research. The effects of a data breach can damage any organization. Data analytics research projects can be compromised and sensitive information can be stolen. If a company using personal customer information had its databases breached, the public fallout and erosion of consumer confidence could be harmful. In order to prevent these unfortunate outcomes, data analytics researchers should ensure that their Hadoop big data projects are well secured.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal contributor Manmeet Singh recently outlined several steps that organizations can take to protect their big data projects. One of the major aspects of big data security that managers should take into consideration is preparation. For instance, businesses should research any possible industry or governmental regulations pertaining to data security. One example is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which medical practitioners are expected to be in compliance with when storing patient data

Companies should also determine the sensitivity of the information they will be using beforehand. If analysts know they will be using confidential records, they can proactively employ tight security measures such as encryption to protect that data. On the other hand, if the information being used has no intrinsic value, such strict protocols may be unnecessary. 

By taking steps to accurately assess an organization's security and compliance risk as well as the value of its information, data analysts can avoid many of the headaches associated with data breaches. Hadoop big data tools provide enterprises with the resources needed to tackle a wide range of issues. Employing good security practices will ensure that data thieves do not interfere with those projects.

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