The rise of Hadoop’s dominance in the big data market

Hadoop architecture has long been a foundational piece of the big data boom of the past few years. Whereas other options constrained the abilities of enterprises to create data analytics solutions that met their specific needs, Hadoop architecture provided companies with an open source platform to custom build their big data projects.

This scalability and flexibility has driven interest in the technology in recent years. According to a study conducted by TechNavio, the global Hadoop market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 55 percent from 2012 to 2016. Although the report's researchers did not credit that substantial growth beyond anything more than an overall rising demand for big data analytics, other industry members have offered a more insightful analysis for the surging success of Hadoop solutions.

Data analytics expert Brian Proffitt recently explained in ReadWrite that Hadoop technology has succeeded because it addressed one of the major issues that had previously prevented businesses from deploying data analytics projects: cost. Other models of big data analytics required enterprises to construct massive data warehouses to store their processing and storage machines. Hadoop's format successfully mitigated much of those expenses.

"Hadoop, however, lets you store as much data as you want in whatever form you need, simply by adding more servers to a Hadoop cluster," Proffitt wrote. "Each new server (which can be commodity x86 machines with relatively small price tags) adds more storage and more processing power to the overall cluster. This makes data storage with Hadoop far less costly than prior methods of data storage."

Those cost savings have allowed companies to store more data, eliminating the need for analysts to choose which datasets may provide the greatest value and then discard the rest. Businesses can now afford to house all their available information and launch penetrating analytics programs to glean meaningful insights. Without the advent of Apache Hadoop technology, big data might still be an esoteric technological advancement only utilized by the largest enterprises.

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