3 Reasons Customers Choose Hortonworks for Hadoop

Behind all the Big Data hype, there is one common thread: Apache Hadoop and its associated components ARE the technology platform of choice. And here at Hortonworks, that’s what we do: Hadoop.

That is also why we are so excited about the incredible growth in customers who have chosen to work with us to ensure their implementation of Hadoop and realize their vision of a modern data architecture.

Here are the key reasons we believe that we can best help your enterprise with Apache Hadoop.

Reason 1: Open Leadership

We believe in the power of community-driven open source to fundamentally change the landscape of the enterprise software market. There is ultimately no way for proprietary development to outpace or outthink the legions of amazing developers contributing to open-source projects every minute of every day.

This makes us uniquely positioned to help our customers get involved in delivering to the right requirement. A great example is eBay. A team at eBay partnered with Hortonworks to improve Apache HBase’s mean time to recovery. Ming Ma, software development manager at eBay reflected that, “The collaboration between Hortonworks, eBay, and Scaled Risk has resulted in numerous improvements (proposed and implemented) in Apache HBase and HDFS itself.”

For Hortonworks, partnership and deep collaboration with customers is more than just talk…

The team at TRUECar expressed a similar sentiment: “For Hortonworks, partnership and deep collaboration with customers is more than just talk. Their completely open-source approach means collaboration is built directly into the DNA of the company.” John Williams, Vice President of Platform Operations, TRUECar.

Reason 2: Ecosystem Endorsement

With a truly open approach, the possibilities for integration are endless, and attractive to the ecosystem of technology vendors. Hortonworks has a broad array of partners of all types and we also have deep relationships with the most strategic partners found in the data center today. Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Rackspace, SAP, and Teradata have all chosen to resell the Hortonworks Data Platform and deeply integrate it with their stacks.

Our partners rallied around the launch of HDP 2.0, as excited as us about the possibilities of the platform. Here’s what Microsoft and Teradata had to say.

The new YARN architecture is designed to give the Windows community the flexibility to run multiple application types in Hadoop …

“We are excited to see the next generation of Hadoop delivered with HDP 2.0,” said Eron Kelly, General Manager, SQL Server at Microsoft. “The new YARN architecture is designed to give the Windows community the flexibility to run multiple application types in Hadoop, all sharing a common resource management infrastructure. We are proud to have had the opportunity to contribute significantly to key Apache projects with Hortonworks such as Stinger and Hive to make this a reality. ”

“Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0 is a big leap in Hadoop capabilities,” said Scott Gnau, President, Teradata Labs. “Customers require and expect resource management to maintain consistent performance and service level agreements between IT and the business. HDP 2.0 fits with our approach and within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture to enable organizations to unlock value from all their data assets, and power deeper insights and new business applications.”

If you already have one of those partners in your datacenter – and there’s a good chance you already do – then talk to them about their endorsement of the Hortonworks Data Platform.

Reason 3: Enterprise Rigor

We work in the community, and we work for the enterprise. We have a singular focus on a community-driven open source process to deliver enterprise-grade Apache Hadoop. Hortonworks has broad and deep Hadoop expertise which extends across all of the crucial projects within a Hadoop distribution. This means that we are exceptionally well positioned to deliver on enterprise requirements we have heard from our customers, both in terms of innovation to the platform and support of existing installations.

Hortonworks support gives us peace of mind, as we know we can depend on them to fix any operation issue quickly.

WD, a Western Digital company, manufactures half of the world’s hard drives. Our deep technical expertise is one reason WD chose Hortonworks. According to Li Yi, Engineering Director at WD, “Hortonworks support gives us peace of mind, as we know we can depend on them to fix any operation issue quickly.”

Similarly, our collaboration in delivering enterprise requirements was important to XING, a German-language social network for professionals. Daniel Olmedilla, XING’s vice president of data science summed up their commitment:

“We looked again at the main Hadoop distributions and chose Hortonworks because of their commitment to full open source. XING shares that commitment and contributes to it in order to keep Hadoop innovation in the open source community.”

Let’s do Hadoop

Hadoop is THE technology platform of choice for big data. At Hortonworks we aim to continue to innovate on this incredible platform and ensure our customers see successful implementations not just of a revolutionary technology, but a revolutionary way of doing business.

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