A Modern Data Architecture for Processing Big Data In-Memory

With businesses demanding faster and easier access to information in order to make reliable and smart decisions, in-memory processing is an emerging technology that is gaining the attention of businesses of all sizes and across industries. Kognitio, a Hortonworks Technology Partner, uses an in-memory technology solution to provide scalable compute power for rapid execution of complex analytical queries.

Join us for the webinar on December 10 at 10am PT / 1pm ET “The Modern Data Architecture: In-Memory and Hadoop – The New BI”

What is In-Memory Processing?

In short, in-memory processing enables users to have immediate access to the right information which results in more informed decisions.  With traditional Business Intelligence (BI) technology, data is loaded onto disks in the form of tables and multi-dimensional cubes against which queries are run. In-memory data is loaded into memory (RAM-Random Access Memory or flash memory) instead of hard disks and therefore IT professionals spend less development time on data modeling, query analysis, cube building and table design — enabling businesses to achieve greater productivity and to realize benefits more swiftly.  In most cases, this is the difference between reaping benefits and saving millions of dollars within weeks versus months.

Kognitio’s solution is both an in-memory database and an analytical engine to execute analytical functions for customers. The Kognitio Analytical Platform is integrated with the Hortonworks Data Platform and interoperates with all layers of data persistence in an ‘Information Anywhere’ approach making it an important and critical component of the Modern Data Architecture and mainstream Big Data environments.

Kognitio Hortonworks Data Architecture

With Hortonworks Data Platform providing the capability to ingest and store huge data volumes, it sits at the center of an analytical architecture with Kognitio acting as a high performance analytic spoke. Data feeds from a variety of data producing systems flow into Hortonworks Data Platform, where the data preparation steps take place. Datasets for analysis are made visible to Kognitio as external tables.  The integration of the two technologies ensures that businesses can bring the data they need directly into memory at very high speed providing the perfect environment for interactive analysis.

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Join us for the webinar on December 10 at 10am PT / 1pm ET “The Modern Data Architecture: In-Memory and Hadoop – The New BI” where we discuss use cases and high-concurrency complex BI and Advanced Analytics on Hortonworks Data Platform.

Click here for more information on the Hortonworks and Kognitio partnership.

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