Accenture and Hortonworks Announce Alliance

Bringing Expertise to Accelerate the Path to a Digital Business

Today we are delighted to announce the formal partnership between Accenture and Hortonworks, which is the continuing evolution of the ongoing collaboration between the two companies which started in 2012. With this formal agreement, Accenture and Hortonworks will collaborate on making large structured and unstructured datasets – including operational, video and sensor data – more accessible to organizations for insight-driven decision-making. Together, the two companies will continue to collaborate on joint horizontal and vertical solutions to speed the adoption of Apache Hadoop.

As more of today’s enterprises are becoming digital businesses, they are seeking expertise in leveraging big data technology solutions, and designing and delivering highly scalable modern data architectures. As an enterprise goes through a digital transformation, it is more important than ever to ensure existing technology investments are optimized and data across the enterprise can be leveraged at scale and on demand. Together, Hortonworks and Accenture are allowing companies to take advantage of the modern data architecture through Hortonworks focus on integration with and optimization of existing IT investments and Accenture’s deep enterprise expertise.


This alliance will help clients in all industries to build advanced decision-making capabilities and secure business outcomes from big data through rapidly delivered business insights.

Data technologies are evolving rapidly, and enterprises and governments are challenged with how to adopt them while making sure the wealth of information is not inaccessible or underutilized,” said Narendra Mulani, senior managing director, Accenture Analytics, now a part of Accenture Digital. “As companies move toward becoming digital businesses, they need to analyze all of their data to find key insights that will drive business outcomes. Our alliance with Hortonworks underpins our commitment to help clients embrace the challenges of digital transformation and accelerate returns from their data and analytics investments.

Accenture and Hortonworks are helping clients create big data analytics solutions in areas including sensor networks, fraud detection and data lakes, based on the open-source Apache Hadoop data platform. As enterprises seek to unlock the value in their big data, they are increasingly relying on Hadoop as part of their modern data architecture. Hortonworks is focused on the deep integration of Hadoop with existing data center technologies and team capabilities. The Hortonworks Data Platform enables enterprises to unlock the broadest opportunities from their big data.

For more information, see Accenture Analytics.

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