Apache Lucene Eurocon Keynote

I just spent a day at the Apache Lucene Eurocon conference in Barcelona. I gave a keynote presentation on how the Apache Lucene & Solr communities had a lot to gain from Apache Hadoop and how Hadoop could also gain from their contributions and technology. It was a good show and it was great to have a chance to meet the Lucid Imagination folks and others in the Apache search community.

I have more questions than answers right now in terms of how these tool chains will be combined over time, but I am confident that they will. The Mahout session was packed, which is a good predictor of more Lucene & Solr + Hadoop users coming soon. The Solr sessions were a trip down memory lane for me. The Solr community is building out capabilities that used to only be available to the Big Internet Search players. It is nice to see these ideas having wider impact via Apache.

The slides from my keynote are now available on Slideshare.net.

Gracias Lucid Labs folks

~ E14

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