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Computers are getting smarter and we are not.

–Tim Berners Lee, Web Developer

Google, Amazon and Netflix have conditioned us. As consumers, we expect intelligent applications that predict, suggest and anticipate our every move. We want them to sift through the millions of possibilities and suggest just a few that suit our needs. We want applications that take us on a personalized journey through a world of endless possibilities.

These personalized journeys require systems to store and make sense of huge data volumes in an acceptable amount of time.…


This blog covers how recent developments have made it easy to use ORCFile from Cascading or Apache Crunch and that doing so can accelerate data processing more than 5x. Code samples are provided so that you can start integrating ORCFile into your Cascading or Crunch projects today.

What are Cascading and Apache Crunch?

Cascading and Apache Crunch are high-level frameworks that make it easy to process large amounts of data in distributed clusters.…

Introduced in 2008, Apache Hive has been the de-facto SQL solution in Hadoop. By 2012, SQL had become a key battleground for Hadoop and many vendors started to publish benchmarks showing massive performance advantages their solutions had over Hive. Each of these vendors predicted that Hive would eventually be supplanted by the proprietary solution they were pushing.

The concerns about Hive’s performance were real. Hadoop in 2012 was a purely batch platform and no work had ever been done within Hive to address low-latency or interactive workloads.…

Whether you were busy finishing up last minute Christmas shopping or just taking time off for the holidays, you might have missed that Hortonworks released the Stinger Phase 3 Technical Preview back in December. The Stinger Initiative is Hortonworks’ open roadmap to making Hive 100x faster while adding standard SQL. Here we’ll discuss 3 great reasons to give Stinger Phase 3 Preview a try to start off the new year.

Reason 1: It’s The Fastest Hive Yet

Whether you want to process more data or lower your time-to-insight, the benefits of a faster Hive speak for themselves.…

Update! – The final phase of improvements from the Stinger Initiative were released as part of Hive 0.13 on Apr 21, 2014 – Read the announcement

While just a preview by moniker, the release marks a significant milestone in the transformation of Hadoop from a batch-oriented system to a data platform capable of interactive data processing at scale and delivering on the aims of the Stinger Initiative.

Apache Tez and SQL: Interactive Query-IN-Hadoop

Tez is a low-level runtime engine not aimed directly at data analysts or data scientists.…

Security is one of the biggest topics in Hadoop right now. Historically Hadoop has been a back-end system accessed only by a few specialists, but the clear trend is for companies to put data from Hadoop clusters in the hands of analysts, marketers, product managers or call center employees whose numbers could be in the hundreds or thousands. Data security and privacy controls are necessary before this transformation can occur. HDP2, through the next release of Apache Hive introduces a very important new security feature that allows you to encrypt the traffic that flows between Hadoop and popular analytics tools like Microstrategy, Tableau, Excel and others.…