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In October, we announced our intent to include and support Storm as part of Hortonworks Data Platform. With this commitment, we also outlined and proposed an open roadmap to improve the enterprise readiness of this key project.  We are committed to doing this with a 100% open source approach and your feedback is immensely valuable in this process.

Today, we invite you to take a look at our Storm technical preview.…

A recent survey conducted by the OpenStack foundation shows incredible adoption in the enterprise. Cost savings and operational efficiency stand out as the top business motivators that are driving broad adoption of OpenStack across industry verticals. It was of particular interest to see that roughly 30% of the deployments are in production. Above all, I was definitely not surprised to see Hadoop amongst the top 10 workloads on OpenStack.

Hadoop is the Perfect App for OpenStack

Many of our customers are looking towards Hadoop as a greenfield use case for OpenStack because Hadoop, unlike other enterprise applications, has very few legacy processes attached to it.…