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The architecture of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) matches the blueprint for Enterprise Apache Hadoop, with data management, data access, governance, operations and security. This post focuses on one of those core components: security. Specifically, we will focus on Apache Knox Gateway for securing access to the Hadoop REST APIs.

Pseudo Federation Provider

This blog will walk through the process of adding a new provider for establishing the identity of a user.…

With Apache Hadoop YARN as its architectural center, Apache Hadoop continues to attract new engines to run within the data platform, as organizations want to efficiently store their data in a single repository and interact with it for batch, interactive and real-time streaming use cases. More and more independent software vendors (ISVs) are developing applications to run in Hadoop via YARN. This increases the number of users and processing engines that operate simultaneously across a Hadoop cluster, on the same data, at the same time.…

The Apache Knox Gateway team is pleased to announce Knox’s first release as an Apache top-level project: Apache Knox Gateway 0.4.0. The team resolved approximately 100 JIRAs for this release and Knox Gateway is now better positioned to provide complete security for REST API access to a Hadoop cluster.

The new features in Knox Gateway 0.4.0 are the features that enterprise security officers expect in a gateway solution:

  • Perimeter security for a Hadoop cluster
  • Support for enterprise group lookup
  • Audit log of all gateway activity
  • Command line tooling for CMF provisioning
  • Protection for web application vulnerabilities
  • Pre-authentication via SSO token
  • And many more…

As a top-level project, Apache Knox Gateway is fully endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation, and this improves coordination between development of Knox and the other core Hadoop projects with which it interacts.…