Big Data Analyst webinar: The modern analytical ecosystem

Extending your analytical environment to accommodate big data

Hurry, time is running out to join Mike Ferguson, independent analyst and thought leader in Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Management and Smart Business, as he explores how the growing business demand to analyze new sources of data is impacting on traditional architectures and how these architectures need to change to accommodate big data analytical workloads.

In this brief session, Mike looks at new analytical use cases, the types of data that need to be analyzed, and the role of Hadoop in a modern analytical environment. In addition, with increasing data volumes and need to manage data across multiple analytical data stores, he also discusses how ETL processing can exploit the power of Hadoop in order to scale to meet this demand.

The 45 mins webinar will cover:

  • What’s Driving the big data agenda
  • New data and new analytical workloads
  • Beyond the data warehouse – new platforms for new analytical workloads
  •  Challenges with new big data sources
  • The role of Hadoop in the modern analytical ecosystem
  • Scaling data integration at low cost – ELT on Hadoop
  • Data governance in the new analytical ecosystem
  • The current challenges and real benefits
  • Simplifying access to new big data insight using SQL on Hadoop
  • This session is jointly sponsored by Hortonworks and Talend

Register for this seminar with Mike Ferguson:

Date: 20th May 2014

Time: 10:30 – 11:15am BST (11:30 – 12:15 CEST)

Where: On-line at

About Mike Ferguson: An independent analyst and thought leader in Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Management and Smart Business – the integration of business processes and business intelligence for ‘right-time’ business optimization. 32 years in the industry of which over 20 years have been in consulting internationally, and over 20 years as an independent IT analyst. Mike works at board level on business strategy and at detailed technical levels on business analytics, big data, data governance, MDM, enterprise architecture, and event processing. His objective is to help companies transition to become ‘smart’ businesses. This is when people and systems across all levels of an enterprise, are guided by analytics and business insight to act in a timely manner to optimize business operations and to cause mass execution of business strategy.

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