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The world’s top telecommunications firms adopt Hadoop to gain competitive advantage and to respond to technology-driven changes like increases in both network traffic and the telemetry data captured by network sensors.

The majority of North America’s and Europe’s telcos have chosen Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to meet these challenges. Read the new Hortonworks white paper for a detailed discussion of twenty-one common telco and cable company use cases.

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With their Modern Data Architectures based on HDP, these firms improve efficiency and capture opportunities in some of these ways:

  • Analyze call detail records (CDRs).
Customers’ Hadoop Journey

We’ve all had two weeks to reflect on Hadoop Summit 2014. One of the biggest differences that stood out in this year’s Summit (as compared to Summit 2013) was the presence of large enterprise customers that are using Apache Hadoop as an important part of their modern data architectures.

Hadoop has gone beyond its original Yahoo use case—indexing the web via a nightly batch MapReduce process —and into the mainstream of daily data processing and analytics with real-time, online, interactive, and batch applications at many notable companies.…

This is the third in our series on modern data architectures across industry verticals. Others in the series are:

Many of the world’s largest telecommunications companies use Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to manage their data. Through partnership with these companies, we have learned how our customers use HDP to improve customer satisfaction, make better infrastructure investments and develop new products.…