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The Hortonworks Blog

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of Apache Pig 0.12! If you are a Pig user and you’ve been yearning to use additional languages, for more data validation tools, for more expressions, operators and data types, then read on. Version 0.12 includes all of those additions, and now Pig runs on Windows […]

Today, we are pleased to announce our strategic alliance between Hortonworks and SAS. Through this alliance we are committing to expand the integration between the SAS business analytics and data management capabilities and the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). By better integrating SAS Business Analytics and HDP, SAS users can easily incorporate Hadoop as a component […]

Designed for senior IT executives, IT architects, technology planners, and business technologists, Knowledgent’s three-day facilitated Big Data Immersion workshop recently held in New York City, provided participants with an intensive deep dive answering the big data questions: Why Big Data? What are the issues that brought it all about? Demystifying Big Data: How can Hadoop […]

We’re continuing our series of quick interviews with Apache Hadoop project committers at Hortonworks. This week – as Hadoop 2 goes GA – Arun Murthy discusses his journey with Hadoop. The journey has taken Arun from developing Hadoop, to founding Hortonworks, to this week’s release of Hadoop 2, with its Yarn-based architecture. Arun describes the difference between […]

I’m thrilled to note that the Apache Hadoop community has declared Apache Hadoop 2.x as Generally Available with the release of hadoop-2.2.0! This represents the realization of a massive effort by the entire Apache Hadoop community which started nearly 4 years to date, and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s cause for a big celebration. Equally, […]

This is a guest blog post from Gary Nakamura, CEO at our partner Concurrent, Inc. discussing Cascading Pattern and the new Hadoop tutorial they have written for the Hortonworks Sandbox. This is one of the first tutorials aimed at more experienced crowd. Enjoy! Cascading Pattern: Deploy Predictive Models on Hadoop in minutes. Cascading Pattern signifies an important […]

In March of 2013 we announced our plans to enter the European market and just six months we have not only landed but also are expanding and operating across Europe with field teams in UK, France and Germany.  Those teams are growing and, more importantly, our customer base is expanding. What would expansion be without customers? European customers […]

We are excited to announce that the call for abstracts for Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 (April 2-3, 2014) is now open and closes on October 31st. One of the new things for this year are updated tracks providing attendees with new options.  Last year was a wildly successful event  and we received a lot of feedback […]

If you are an enterprise, chances are you use SAP.  And you are also more than likely using – or planning to use – Hadoop in your data architecture. Today, we are delighted to announce the next step in our strategic relationship with SAP as they announce a reseller agreement with Hortonworks.  Under this agreement, […]

This guest post from John Haddad, Director of Product Marketing at Informatica Corporation. He has over 25 years’ experience designing, building, integrating and marketing enterprise applications. His current focus is helping organizations get the most business value from Big Data by delivering timely, trusted, and relevant data across the extended enterprise. Why is it so […]

By now, your Hadoop skills are becoming honed thanks to the effort you’ve put in, and we hope the Hadoop tutorials in the Hortonworks Sandbox have been helping you along the way. Today, we’re taking the next step in our quest to help you learn more about Hadoop: introducing the Hortonworks Sandbox Partner Tutorials. The […]

Last week, we published a blog about the Hadoop job marketing and evolving your SQL skills to Hadoop. To help you with that evolution, we’re delighted to offer you some special pricing on training. What better way to stay cool this summer than to be in a nice air-conditioned classroom? Looking for a class in […]

Hadoop jobs have grown 200,000%. No, that’s not a typo. According to Indeed.com, Hadoop is one of the top 10 job trends right now. When you look at LinkedIn, the growth in profiles that have SQL in them is on the downswing — about -4%, but the growth of profiles that have Hadoop in them […]

Airline pricing has always been a mystery to me, a combination of art and science allowing the airline to make as much money as possible on each flight while providing the customer the options and flexibility they want. Under the covers I know there are complex models the airlines use to determine how many seats […]

Today was our last day at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) where 15,000+ people joined up for business sessions, networking, exhibits, heat, humidity, Lenny Kravitz and fantastic Houston Texas hospitality.  As a first time sponsor we thought we would share our views from the conference. Steve Ballmer opened the conference talking about the Microsoft transformation to […]