Compuware APM for Big Data Enhances Visibility of Hadoop

More Management Options for Hortonworks Data Platform

Compuware is a Hortonworks Technology Partner and this week announced the availability of the newest release of APM for Big Data.  This release provides enhanced support for Hadoop 2.0 and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.0

Compuware’s APM for Big Data now provides greater visibility into Hadoop job details with out-of-the-box dashboards that require no configuration. The graphical dashboards expand insight and ease of analyzing Hadoop deployments.  With the Hadoop focused dashboards, customers can get information about any Hadoop cluster and summarized overviews of cluster utilization across users, jobs, pools, queues and more.

This new release makes it easier to drill into hot spots to identify the root cause of performance issues – with just one click. This helps to reduce MTTR thereby lowering operational costs. APM provides improved lifecycle efficiency and insight on job performance issues and errors. For example, the Hadoop-focused dashboard delivers a quick overview of the performance of different jobs in relation to users running jobs, as well as the time it takes to complete them.

In more granular detail, see how cluster resources are used, including per user and job processes:


New views provide full visibility into the flow of job transactions, and the impact of infrastructure on job performance.


Visualize Tasks and Users in Real­time

Since monitoring Hadoop processes and daemons may not be enough, with direct correlation of map and reduce tasks and their related JVMs to the users, pools, queues, and jobs driving those JVMs, you can directly analyze who and what is utilizing cluster resources, allowing you to manage consumption and build charge­back models for your Hadoop environment.

Hadoop is new for most enterprises, so a management and monitoring tool like this provides users with help they need for deeper and more meaningful insights into their big data deployments. Hortonworks goal is to enable broad adoption of Hadoop and solutions like the Compuware APM help drive toward that goal by making it easier to monitor and manage Hadoop.

Read more about Compuware APM and visit:

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