Enabling Hadoop Everywhere with Hortonworks Data Platform

Today we are delighted to announce the release of Hortonworks Data Platform v1.3 for WindowsWith this release, our HDP distributions for Hadoop have reached parity enabling seamless application portability across Linux and Windows platforms.


Hadoop represents the future of the enterprise data platform and we have made it our mission to deliver Hadoop as far and wide as possible: from Linux to Windows, from the Enterprise Data Center to the cloud and we’re very proud of this latest product release as we deliver on that mission.

This new version includes important updates and new innovation that includes:

  • Hive 0.11 for interactive, SQL-like, query.
  • Flume 1.3.1 providing streaming ingest.
  • HBase for online applications.
  • Mahout 0.7.0 machine learning capabilities.
  • ZooKeeper 3.4.5 for co-ordinating distributed processes.

This continuous delivery of the latest in Hadoop technology for Windows ensures that all organizations everywhere can use Hadoop to deliver an efficient modern data architecture with low-cost, high-scale big data processing, and then unlock the value and competitive edge in their big data.

This is also another strong milepost in our partnership with Microsoft as we continue to work on these Windows native HDP releases together to deliver enterprise Hadoop that is production ready and integrated with the latest Microsoft offerings.  Customers can take advantage of integration with Microsoft’s leading business intelligence tools such as Power BI for Office 365, SQL Server and Excel.

We continue to see very strong interest in a Windows Server native Hadoop platform and we expect that interest to accelerate with HDP 1.3 for Windows.

Find out more HDP 1.3 for Windows here, and more information on our partnership with Microsoft here.

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