Field Notes: Apache Ambari Meetup, Sept. 25th 2013

Thanks to all those who joined in person and virtually for the Apache Ambari Meetup at Hortonworks this week. We talked tech, we saw demos, we laughed, we cried, we ate pizza.

The central theme of the night was the newly added support for Hadoop 2. Ambari now has:

  • Hadoop 2 Stack: Ambari adds support for installing, managing and monitoring a Hadoop 2 Stack.
  • NameNode HA: Configure NameNode High Availability based on QJM support built-into HDFS2
  • YARN: Ambari manages YARN Service lifecycle and automatically deploys the MapReduce2 framework.

What’s New in Ambari, Pramod Thangali, Hortonworks

Pramod kicked off the event with getting everyone up-to-speed on all the Ambari activity since we last met at Hadoop Summit Ambari BOF.  We’ve seen a few releases land with some exciting new features such a Kerberos and customizable dashboard. Pramod finished by giving us a glimpse into the Ambari roadmap.

[slideshare id=26599446&doc=ambari-meetup-2013-09-whatsnew-130926201237-phpapp02]

YARN and Ambari, Srimanth Gunturi, Hortonworks

Srimanth talked YARN, the architecture, the components and what is means to the future of  Hadoop. We heard how MapReduce2 makes the transition to YARN seamless, as well how YARN sets up for mixed workloads. To wrap-up, we saw how Ambari will handle managing and monitoring the YARN service.

[slideshare id=26565191&doc=ambari-meetup-2013-09-yarn-130926002304-phpapp02]

NameNode HA and Ambari, Siddharth Wagle & Jing Zhao, Hortonworks

Sid and Jing covered the fundamental architecture + mechanics of NameNode HA and how to enable NameNode HA.

[slideshare id=26589509&doc=ambari-meetup-2013-09-25-hdfs-ha-intro-130926132242-phpapp01]

If you would like to get involved in future Ambari Meetups, please visit this link.

Thanks to everyone for your participation. See you next time!

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