Seminar Series: Hadoop and Modern Data Architecture

The role of Hadoop in the transformation of the data center

A transformation is occurring in the data center.  Enterprises are turning to a modern data architecture in order to derive maximum value from both big and small data across their organization.  They are building new analytic apps that unlock opportunity and allow them to maintain or create competitive edge. Apache Hadoop is at the center of this architecture and integrates with the technologies that run your business to augment and extend this new value.

Join us for this one-day seminar and open discussion on how you can start this journey to the modern data architecture and unlock the potential for Hadoop in your organization.

  • Gain insight into the business value derived from Hadoop
  • Understand the technical role of Hadoop within your data center
  • Look at the future of Hadoop as presented by the builders and architects of the platform

The one-day seminar’s agenda include:

  • Modern Data Architecture and Journey to Data Lake
  • YARN: Traditional to Modern Hadoop
  • Hadoop in the Real World: Stories from Practitioners who are using Hadoop to Transform their Business
  • Data Science in Hadoop
  • Enabling the Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Security
  • Hadoop 101
  • Industry Use Cases

Register to hear directly from practitioners who are using Hadoop to transform their business.

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Join the Webinar!

Joint Webinar with SAP: Big Data, Big Thinking: Unifying Your IT Architecture
Thursday, September 18, 2014
11 a.m. IST, 2:30 pm JST / KST, 3:30 pm AEST

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