Do You Hadoop? Join us for a Hackathon on Feb 8th/9th

Hortonworks, Microsoft and Elastacloud hosting in Bay Area

On Feb 8th and 9th, Hortonworks, Microsoft and Elastacloud will be hosting a hackathon at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View, CA. Whether you’re a newbie or ninja, developer or scientist, we’d love to see you there. Register here.

The focus of the hackathon will be city datasets. For instance, we’ll be drawing on datasets from San Francisco that will measure things like:

  • Pedestrian safety: where accidents occur, how they occur and who has caused them.
  • Parking data: where cars have parked in the City and for how long
  • Graffiti data: Where graffiti has occurred in the City

These master datasets can then be used in conjunction with anything from other intracity datasets to other city and country data to determine and prove a hypothesis.  GIS information is available allowing map plots to be built around visualizing the data.

As an example, one potential use of the parking data is to determine the best potential permutation of occupancy for the parking meters vs price of the parking or detailing a dynamic pricing scheme based on seasonality or time of day.

We’ll be on hand to offer advice, technical expertise across Hadoop, HDP and HDInsight.

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft and Elastacloud for their partnership.

Elastacloud are a Big Data consultancy and ISV based in London, UK. They are experts in Windows Azure, HDInsight, HDP and machine learning and have architected and developed some of the most high profile big data on Windows Azure projects across ecommerce and gaming. . They can be contacted on

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