Hadoop Tooling with Talend Open Studio for Big Data and Hortonworks Data Platform

Talend Open Studio for Big Data provides an intuitive set of tools that make dealing with data in the Hadoop world (and Hortonworks Data Platform in particular) a lot easier.  We often use the tools often to speed delivery of a proof of concept or to operationalize movement of data from sources like web logs and machine sensors to load HDFS.  It is simple to use and typically takes only minutes to perform something that once took hours in a script.

Recently. Talend launched Talend Open Studio for Big data version 5.3.  it is a substantial upgrade and provides some pretty cool tools.  The component I look forward to playing with is tPigMap which allows you to graphically create data transforms and have the underlying Apache Pig scripts written for you.  Talk about simplicity!

Talend Studio


If you’re using the Hortonworks Sandbox to experiment with Hadoop, then we’ve written a How To that shows how you can connect Talend Open Studio for Big Data to Sandbox.

You can download the Hortonworks Sandbox here, and download Talend Open Studio for Big Data here.

Great tools to get more productive with you Hadoop development –  go for it!

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