Hadoop Use Case: Harnessing Big Data in the Social Advertising Industry

Successful social advertising campaigns today take a special blend of data intelligence and automation – enabling businesses to link fluctuations in media and tactics to sales and revenues.  Those with better data relative to their competitors, will be positioned to outperform their peers tactically and, if used effectively, strategically.  At one of the fastest growing Advertising Technology startups, harnessing Big Data made big sense in a highly competitive business environment.

The Advertising Technology startup sells Social Ad Campaign management software and wanted its in-house engineering team to focus on its core product and to outsource certain areas of its non-core technology needs. The non-core portion of its technology stack required cutting edge computing skills and entailed creating a Big Data Analytics infrastructure built on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), and hosted on the Amazon Cloud.

A key component for the system development was a scalable crawler to aggregate social data to meet demanding latency requirements.  The crawl infrastructure had to meet two aspects; 1/ to support the timely refresh of data (e.g. existing social profile data), and 2/  to keep up with the exponential growth of data collection requirements in a timely manner.   Both of these requirements lead the startup logically to a Hadoop based framework and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) as the platform of choice.


Other factors the Advertising Technology startup needed to address was a reduction in cost for designing and maintaining a highly available and scalable HDP infrastructure with robust analytics and a predictive modeling backend to meet evolving business initiatives.  To accomplish this, the startup enlisted the services of Serendio, a provider of a Big Data Science platform – DisKoveror, designed to enable Enterprises to Aggregate, Discover, Analyze, Visualize, and Predict business outcomes from seemingly unrelated facts and relationships buried in all forms of digital assets for holistic intelligence and insights.

Harnessing Big Data proved to make big sense for the Advertising Technology startup; creating new revenue streams and a reduction in operational costs by 60%.

“We chose Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Serendio for our implementation because collectively they had the right technology, skills and expertise to scale our infrastructure rapidly to keep up with our fast growing business.”

Thank you to our partner Serendio for this HDP (Hadoop) use case. For more use cases, visit Serendio’s case studies

Serendio’s Big Data Science solutions help in driving Decisions and Actions for a wide variety of businesses in Retail, Insurance, Media, Education, and Healthcare. Visit Serendio at http://www.serendio.com

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