HBaseCon is around the Corner

May 5th, San Francisco

The third HBaseCon is happening in May 5th this year in San Francisco which is THE community event for Apache HBase. As with the previous years, this year the agenda is quite exciting.

There will be 4 tracks, Operations, Features and Internals, Ecosystem and Case Studies. The keynotes will include speakers from Cloudera who is the event host, Google BigTable team as a follow up to their ‘06 BigTable paper, Salesforce on their experience with HBase operations and use cases and Facebook on their strongly consistent multi data center replication scheme.

The ops track and use cases track will have a lot of good talks from experienced HBase users including Salesforce, IBM, Optimizely, Yahoo!, Xiaomi, Pinterest and RocketFuel, etc. Ecosystem track will cover some of the projects that will showcase HBase’s own rich ecosystem, including Apache Phoenix, Presto, OpenTSDB, Kiji etc. Lastly, the features and internals track will include talks on core, new features as well as a release managers panel.

The full list of the sessions can be found here.

Sessions from Hortonworks

There will also be 2 talks from Hortonworks engineers this year both on the Features and Internals track.

HBase Read High Availability Using Timeline-Consistent Region Replicas – Enis Soztutar and Devaraj Das

HBase: Where Online Meets Low Latency – Nick Dimiduk (Hortonworks) and Nicolas Liochon (Scaled Risk)

Also if you are interested in “HBase Read High Availability Using Timeline-Consistent Region Replicas” work, we advise you to attend the talk by Bloomberg to see how they plan to use HBASE-10070 features

HBase at Bloomberg: High Availability Needs for the Financial Industry (20-minute session) – Sudarshan Kadambi and Matthew Hunt (Bloomberg LP)

If you are using HBase or interested in using it and haven’t done so, you should register here. Also please feel free to catch us there if you want to learn what we are up to.

Lastly, we would like to thank our friends at Cloudera for organising and hosting the event, the program committee for the agenda, and the sponsors including Hortonworks, Continuuity, Intel, LSI, MapR, Salesforce.com, Splice Machine, WibiData (Gold); Facebook, Pepperdata, BrightRoll (Silver); ASF (Community); O’Reilly Media, The Hive, NoSQL Weekly (Media).

More information can be found at http://www.hbasecon.com/ and here.

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