Introduction to Apache Hadoop YARN Ready Program

Move from single-workload to multi-workoad processing with Apache Hadoop YARN

Apache YARN Ready Program

With the release of Apache Hadoop YARN in October of last year, organizations are moving from single-application Hadoop clusters to a versatile, integrated Hadoop 2 data platform hosting multiple applications — eliminating silos, maximizing resources and bringing true multi-workload capabilities to Hadoop.

Customers are telling us loud and clear: they want solutions that run on YARN because it enables them to run multiple workloads on the same common data pool. At the same time, partners are telling us they want to provide assurance that their YARN-based applications work well in Hadoop. To meet these needs, Hortonworks has created the YARN Ready program.

Join us on June 19 at 9 am Pacific Time, 12 noon Eastern Time, for a webinar on the YARN Ready Program. We will cover:

  • The program and its benefits
  • Why it is important to customers
  • Tools and guides to help you get started
  • Technical resources to support you
  • Marketing recognition you can leverage

We plan three follow-on webinars to cover integration details.

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Join the Webinar!

YARN Ready – Using Ambari for Management
Thursday, September 4, 2014
12:00 PM Eastern / 9:00 AM Pacific

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