Meet the Committer: 3 Minutes on Apache ZooKeeper with Mahadev Konar

We’re continuing our series of quick interviews with Apache Hadoop project committers at Hortonworks.

This week Mahadev Konar discusses Apache ZooKeeper, the open source Apache project that is used to coordinate various processes on a Hadoop cluster (such as electing a leader between two processes).

Mahadev was on the team at Yahoo! in 2006 that started developing what became Apache Hadoop. He has been involved with Apache ZooKeeper since 2008, when the project was open sourced. Mahadev served as the VP of ZooKeeper, and now he is an architect and project management committee member for the project. Mahadev is also a project management committee member for Apache Hadoop and Ambari.

In this brief video, Mahadev describes:

  • How ZooKeeper works with a quorum protocol to provide failure tolerance.
  • How a ZooKeeper client library calls various APIs, helping to do distributed coordination.

Mahadev also describes the fundamental ZooKeeper use case and upcoming performance improvements.

Learn more about ZooKeeper here or at the Apache ZooKeeper project site.

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