Red Hat and Hortonworks Deepen Strategic Alliance on Hadoop

Accelerate adoption of Apache Hadoop

We are excited to announce an expansion of our relationship with open source leader Red Hat to a deeper more strategic alliance. The main goal is to help organizations adopt enterprise Apache Hadoop more quickly. This is a natural progression of our relationship with Red Hat because we are so closely aligned around a strategy of innovating in the open and applying enterprise rigor to open source software thereby de-risking it for the enterprise.

There are three primary elements to this expanded alliance:

  • A commitment to jointly engineered solutions to enable a seamless customer experience
  • Execution of joint go-to-market of activities
  • Collaborative customer support

You can read more about the joint open development activities on our labs page.

Speeding the adoption of Enterprise Apache Hadoop

The initiatives in this alliance will speed the adoption of Hadoop by addressing the needs of key enterprise stakeholders including developers, operators and analysts. By creating an enterprise Apache Hadoop platform that is tightly integrated the two companies plan to deliver infrastructure solutions that enable the next generation of data-driven applications.

Specifically they will be able to:

  • Rapidly build new data driven applications
  • Quickly and easily deploy applications on the open-hybrid cloud

Details of our engineering collaboration include Hortonworks Data Platform integration with:

  • Red Hat Storage creating a secure, resilient storage pool for data applications.
  • Red Hat JBoss middleware enabling millions of JBoss developers to quickly and simply build applications with Hadoop.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform that will simplify automated deployment of Hadoop on OpenStack.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenJDK that enables Hadoop development and deployment for multiple new deployment scenarios.


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