Reliable Hadoop for the Enterprise from Hortonworks and Teradata Partnership

Join Hortonworks and Teradata for a Big Data Analytics virtual event

Data Analytics Virtual Event

Hortonworks and Teradata have partnered to provide a clear path to Big Data Analytics via stable and reliable Hadoop for the enterprise. We are excited to support their upcoming Big Data Analytics virtual event, “Data Discovery in Action.” We will have experts standing by to help answer questions to help ensure you have the right strategy in place for all of your big data.

At this event on July 2 nd, you will learn more about how Teradata’s Unified Big Data Architecture™ provides a quick path to data discovery. In this architecture, each component plays an essential role in helping you realize new insight from big data volumes:

  • Hortonworks Data Platform: HDP is a Hadoop distribution that provides a complete data platform for capturing, processing, and refining any data.
  • Teradata Aster Discovery Platform integrates SQL, MapReduce, and a library of analytic functions, allowing your business analysts to explore and uncover new insights through on-the-fly interactive analytics.
  • Teradata provides the best-in-class integrated data warehouse, which supports your enterprise across a variety of analytic workloads and stores valuable data and metadata.

As an engineered solution, the Unified Big Data Architecture bridges the gap between the business language of SQL and the extreme processing power of Hadoop. Together, it provides a best-of-breed system that allows users to leverage the right tool for the job.

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We are excited to see the continued innovation in the Hadoop ecosystem. Please join us at this event to learn from successful customers, industry experts such as Tom Davenport and Richard Winter, see a demo, and have all your questions answered!

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