Storm Technical Preview Available Now!

Stream Data Processing for Hadoop

In October, we announced our intent to include and support Storm as part of Hortonworks Data Platform. With this commitment, we also outlined and proposed an open roadmap to improve the enterprise readiness of this key project.  We are committed to doing this with a 100% open source approach and your feedback is immensely valuable in this process.

Today, we invite you to take a look at our Storm technical preview. This preview includes the latest release of Storm with instructions on how to install Storm on Hortonworks Sandbox and run a sample topology to familiarize yourself with the technology.  This is the final pre-Apache release of Storm.

Open roadmap for integrating real-time stream processing with Hadoop

All of our customers have proven the value of Hadoop in classic batch and interactive use cases using Apache Hive and HBase and now they look to extend and extract further value from their clusters with real-time processing. To this end, the community has rallied around Storm to fulfill this need.  And in order to do this effectively, Storm needs complete, end-to-end integration with Hadoop. This requires providing a uniform management layer across Storm & Hadoop, enabling resource sharing and isolation between Storm & Hadoop clusters and improvements to Storm’s enterprise connectivity and multi-tenancy. That is exactly what we are working on next.

To get more information on the detailed roadmap and to follow our progress, visit our Hortonworks Labs page for Storm.

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