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Back in late June when Hortonworks was officially announced at Hadoop Summit, we explained that our strategy was going to focus on accelerating the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop. We made bold statements about the opportunities that Apache Hadoop had to become the de facto platform for big data. We even predicted that half of the world’s data would be processed by Apache Hadoop within five years.

We also talked about how in order for all of that to happen, we needed to address the technical and knowledge gaps that exist.…

Dennis M. Richie was a giant of our craft and a truly great teacher. Millions of folks owe their passion for programming to K&R. It literally started their careers.

We are very sad to hear that Dennis M. Ritchie passed away after a prolonged illness. We join others in offering our condolences to his family and hope he is in a more comfortable place.

Thank you so much. You’ve made such a difference to so many.…

HDFS Federation

HDFS Federation improves the existing HDFS architecture through a clear separation of namespace and storage, enabling generic block storage layer. It enables support for multiple namespaces in the cluster to improve scalability and isolation. Federation also opens up the architecture, expanding the applicability of HDFS cluster to new implementations and use cases.

Overview of Current HDFS

HDFS has two main layers:…

Hi Folks,

Things are going really well at Hortonworks.  We’re in our new office, connected to our data center of nearly 1000 nodes (thanks Yahoo!) and working away on our new computers.  We’ve gotten a lot done in a very small amount of time.  Along with our excellent G&A team, a key reason we’ve gotten so much done is that our founders have really stepped up and are taking responsibility for getting their teams moving.…

Wow, Hortonworks day one!   Our first day of being “on the record”. It’s been a busy, but very productive day.  Now that we are talking publicly about Hortonworks, there has been a LOT of interest in what we’re doing from analysts and journalists. So far the feedback we’re received has been very positive.

I haven’t been able to read every article but a few have caught my eye that I wanted to share.…

We’re glad to have finally launched Hortonworks after months of planning and speculation. I thought I’d use the opportunity of my first Hortonworks blog to lay out who we are and what we’re all about.

Our History

Hortonworks was formed by Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital in June 2011 in order to accelerate the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop. We believe that Apache Hadoop will become the de facto platform for storing, managing and analyzing “big data,” namely the exploding volume of data being generated daily by organizations around the globe.…

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