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From the Dev Team

Apache Ambari is an open operational framework to provision, manage and monitor Hadoop clusters. As Hadoop has grown from a single purpose (MapReduce) framework to an extensible multi-purpose compute platform, with Apache Hadoop YARN as its architectural center, Apache Ambari has marched hand-in-hand to meet the evolving operational needs of Enterprise Hadoop. Enabling ecosystem integration […]

In April of this year, Hortonworks, along with the broad Hadoop community delivered the final phase of the Stinger Initiative on schedule, completing the work to bring interactive SQL query to Apache Hive.  The original directive of Stinger was about advancing SQL capabilities at petabyte scale in pure open source. And over 13 months, 145 […]

Haohui Mai is a member of technical staff at Hortonworks in the HDFS group and a core Hadoop committer. In this blog, he explains how to setup HTTPS for HDFS in a Hadoop cluster. 1. Introduction The HTTP protocol is one of the most widely used protocols in the Internet. Today, Hadoop clusters exchange internal […]

We are excited to announce that Apache Kafka is now available as a technical preview with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.1. Kafka was originally developed at LinkedIn and incubated as an Apache project in 2011. It graduated to a top-level Apache project in October of 2012. Many organizations already use Kafka for their data pipelines, […]

Chaos Before The Storm … and a Brief History For its name and the metaphoric image it evokes, Apache Storm lives up to its purpose and promise: to ingest, absorb, and digest an avalanche of real-time data as a stream of unbounded discrete events at scale, speed, and success. Before Storm, developers used a set […]

Sheetal Dolas is a Principal Architect at Hortonworks. As part of Apache Storm design patterns’ series blog, he explores three options for micro-batching using Apache Storm’s core APIs. This is the first blog in the series. What is Micro-batching? Micro-batching is a technique that allows a process or task to treat a stream as a […]

YARN and Apache Storm: A Powerful Combination YARN changed the game for all data access engines in Apache Hadoop. As part of Hadoop 2, YARN took the resource management capabilities that were in MapReduce and packaged them for use by new engines. Now Apache Storm is one of those data-processing engines that can run alongside […]

This summer, Hortonworks presented the Discover HDP 2.1 Webinar series. Our developers and product managers highlighted the latest innovations in Apache Hadoop and related Apache projects. We’re grateful to the more than 1,000 attendees whose questions added rich interaction to the pre-planned presentations and demos. For those of you that missed one of the 30-minute […]

The Journey Almost to the date, two years ago the Apache Hadoop community voted to make YARN a sub-project of Apache Hadoop followed by the GA release nearly a year ago last fall. Since then, it’s becoming plainly obvious that Apache Hadoop 2.x, powered by YARN as its architectural center, is the best platform for […]

This week we continue our YARN webinar series with detailed introduction and a developer overview of Apache Tez.  Designed to express fit-to-purpose data processing logic, Tez enables batch and interactive data processing applications spanning TB to PB scale datasets.  Tez offers a customizable execution architecture that allows developers to express complex computations as dataflow graphs […]

We are in the midst of a data revolution. Hadoop, powered by Apache Hadoop YARN, enables enterprises to store, process, and innovate around data at a scale never seen before making security a critical consideration. Enterprises are looking for a comprehensive approach to security for their data to realize the full potential of the Hadoop […]

Introduction HDP 2.1 ships with Apache Knox 0.4.0. This release of Apache Knox supports WebHDFS, WebHCAT, Oozie, Hive, and HBase REST APIs. Hive is a popular component used for SQL access to Hadoop, and the Hive Server 2 with Thrift supports JDBC access over HTTP. The following steps show the configuration to enable a JDBC […]

In May, Hortonworks acquired XA Secure and made a promise to contribute this technology to the Apache Software Foundation.  In June, we made it available for all to download and use from our website and today we are proud to announce this technology officially lives on as Apache Argus, an incubator project within the ASF. This […]

Jian He (Apache YARN Hadoop committer) and I discuss Apache Hadoop YARN’s Resource Manager resiliency upon restart in this blog. This is the third blog post in the series on motivations and architecture for improvements to the Apache Hadoop YARN’s Resource Manager (RM) resiliency. Others in the series are: Introduction: Apache YARN Resource Manager Resiliency […]

“Data is to information society what fuel was to the industrial economy: the critical resource powering the innovations that people rely on,” write Victor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier, in Big Data. Today, big data fuels and engenders innovation of new products and services, according to Forrester. Just as countries’ fuel repositories need protection and security […]