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Hadoop Ecosystem

The successful Hadoop journey typically starts with new analytic applications, which lead to a Data Lake. As more and more applications are created that derive value from the new types of data, an architectural shift happens in the data center: companies gain deeper insight across a large, broad, diverse set of data at efficient scale. […]

Hortonworks is pleased to be part of the “going green” movement and even more pleased to introduce guest bloggers from Actian and Slingshot Power. In this blog, Slingshot Power describes their use case on how Hadoop and analytics can influence and increase the adoption of clean energy use. By Ashish Gupta, CMO & SVP Business […]

Big data continues to dominate the discussion as businesses both big and small seek to make sense of what exactly it is, and more importantly, what they should do about it. The three biggest challenges associated with big data investments include determining how to get value from data, defining the big data strategy, and obtaining […]

Increasingly, companies around the world are adopting Apache Hadoop as a core component of their Modern Data Architecture (MDA) in order to collect, store, analyze and manipulate massive quantities of data on their own terms—regardless of the source of that data, how old it is, where it is stored, or under what format. Once they […]

News of customer data breaches seems to hit the headlines every week and we know that attackers have become more sophisticated in their tactics. Organizations too must step up their capabilities and build robust, data-driven defense systems. Join us for a webinar on Nov. 12 to learn about the current threats against enterprises like yours, […]

In part 1, Kenneth Peeples, JBoss technology evangelist and principal marketing manager for Data Virtualization and Fuse Service Works at Red Hat, gave us an overview of the Red Hat and Hortonworks webinar series and offered insights into JBoss Data Virtualization and HDP. He started with an overview of data virtualization with the Hortonworks Data […]

Recently the Oracle Data Integrator products were certified on the Hortonworks Data Platform version 2.1 and we’re delighted to be working more closely with Oracle engineering on these kinds of efforts. We’re happy to bring this guest blog to you today, written by Alex Kotopoulis, Product Manager, Oracle Data Integration for Big Data, at Oracle […]

Back in September, we presented a 3-part webinar series on our collaborations with Red Hat. Close to a thousand registrants and attendees participated and provided rich interaction to our series. The content included an overview of our strategic partnership, demonstrated a couple of demos, and provided tutorials to get you started on your Big Data […]

On October 15 we announced that we would support Apache Hadoop as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on Microsoft Azure. This made us the first Hadoop vendor to give customers and prospects access to that flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure for their big data deployments. This guide walks you through using the Azure Gallery […]

Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji, customer engagement lead overseeing business development activities at Databricks, is our guest blogger today. In this blog, he discusses our expanded partnership built around Apache Spark on Apache Hadoop in three areas: customers, engineering, and open source. Today Databricks and Hortonworks are announcing an expanded partnership built around Apache Spark; allow me to […]

Exponential increases in data volumes have forced the data architect and analyst to build much larger and distributed data environments — potentially comprised of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of servers and switches. Scaling to these cluster sizes does not come without challenges in terms of costs, security and integration with existing infrastructure. The combination […]

As a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner, Nimble Storage delivers solutions that help enterprises scale their Big Data solutions, simply and cost-effectively. Ibby Rahmani, Nimble’s product and solutions marketing manager, is our guest blogger. He discusses the importance of certification for Nimble and Hortonworks customers. Recently, Nimble Storage proudly announced our partnership with Hortonworks, and the […]

Joe Travaglini, director of product marketing at Sqrrl and Ely Kahn, vice president of business development at Sqrrl, are our guest bloggers. They explain Sqrrl’s integration with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). There Is No Secure Perimeter With the dawn of phenomena such as Cloud Computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), it is no longer […]

More and more enterprises are looking to the cloud as a place to handle a variety of their data processing and backup needs. Apache Hadoop lends itself to running in cloud environments because of the alignment around scalability and flexibility for compute and storage offered with today’s cloud infrastructures. Today, we are excited to announce […]

Apache Hadoop has taken a mission critical role in the Modern Data Architecture (MDA) with the advent of Apache Hadoop YARN. YARN has enabled enterprises to store and process data across many execution engines at a scale that has not been possible earlier. This in turn has made security a crucial component of enterprise Hadoop. […]