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The Program

Welcome to Hortonworks Community Connection a place we affectionately call Whoville!. Whoville is open to everyone, developers, data scientists, analysts, administrators, and just regular Whos. Join in the conversation and find guidance, code, examples and best practices to jump start your projects and support your success.

As you explore Whoville you will run into new-Whos, who are starting their journey, you will run into some expert-Whos that also are Apache committers, but all Whos have one guiding principle, to help each Who in making Whoville a great community. If you run into a helpful-Who let them know, Whoville has a great reward and recognition program, who knows, you might be Mayor of Whoville someday.

"As a developer finding the right content at the right time is critical. HCC has become my go-to place because the community includes the big data experts from Hortonworks and the entire community. If the community doesn’t know, no one does!"

George Vetticaden , Hortonworks

The Community

Help out your peers, share your knowledge, get recognized for your expertise.

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Level 1: "Rookie"

Where we all begin. Start asking, answering, and voting up questions.

Peter Bragg, Rookie

Level 2: “Skilled”

As you learn, you start to share. Answers accepted by the community the fastest way here.

Robert Levas, Skilled

Level 3: “Expert”

You have reached the upper echelons of the community. And you will be rewarded with additional capabilities in the community to publish and approve.

Mark Herring, Expert

Level 4: “Guru”

The best of the best. Your influence extends across the digital and analog worlds. Got what it takes? Apply here.

neeraj, Guru