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    Anand Govindarajan

    I am trying to connect to Hive on HDP2.1 Sandbox via ODBC driver (from Excel). I am able to access the list of tables through Microsoft Query option in Excel. When I select on a particular column I get a message saying the user (tried both hue and root) do not have SELECT privilege. I tried methods suggested in other posts such as disabling authorization (setting ‘hive.security.authorization.enabled’ to ‘false’ in the hive-site.xml). Nothing works. I tried directly through the beeline interface and I get the same error. Can anybody help here?

    Error Message: FAILED: HiveAccessControlException Permission denied. Principal[name=hue, type = USER], does not have the following privileges on Object [type =TABLE_OR_VIEW, name=default.sample_07]:[SELECT]‘

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    Giovanny Jimenez


    You can try with the following command in Hive “grant SELECT on table <table name> to user hue”. then try to connect it

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