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    Adding new nodes fails with the following error

    # cat hmc.txn.4.log
    PHP Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (Connection refused) in /usr/share/hmc/php/frontend/addNodes/finalizeNodes.php on line 34
    PHP Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (Connection refused) in /usr/share/hmc/php/frontend/addNodes/finalizeNodes.php on line 34
    PHP Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to (Connection refused) in /usr/share/hmc/php/frontend/addNodes/finalizeNodes.php on line 34

    I am trying to add one node to the cluster. Both machines are in amazon
    After the installation failed I am getting the following error while trying for the second time.
    “Some hosts in the given file are already being used in cluster”

    Any db where this data is getting updated. Nothing is present in mysql

    details in hmc.log
    [2012:07:03 09:32:10][INFO][Add nodes poller][nodesActionProgress.php:33][]: Cluster Name: gtocluster Root Txn ID: 4
    [2012:07:03 09:32:10][ERROR][PuppetFinalize:txnId=4:subTxnId=104][finalizeNodes.php:122][sign_and_verify_agent]: Timed out waiting for all puppet agents to ping master
    [2012:07:03 09:32:10][INFO][PuppetFinalize:txnId=4:subTxnId=104][finalizeNodes.php:126][sign_and_verify_agent]: Re-checking to ensure all puppet hosts are signed
    [2012:07:03 09:32:22][ERROR][PuppetFinalize:txnId=4:subTxnId=104][finalizeNodes.php:204][sign_and_verify_agent]: Failed to ping puppet agent on host []: Connection refused
    [2012:07:03 09:32:22][INFO][PuppetFinalize:txnId=4:subTxnId=104][finalizeNodes.php:235][sign_and_verify_agent]: Puppet agent ping status, totalHosts=1, succeededHostsCount=0, failedHostsCount=1
    [2012:07:03 09:32:22][INFO][PuppetFinalize:txnId=4:subTxnId=104][finalizeNodes.php:255][sign_and_verify_agent]: Completed sign/verify puppet agent for 1 nodes, result=Array
    [] => Array
    [discoveryStatus] => FAILED
    [badHealthReason] => Puppet agent ping failed: , error=111, outputLogs=Puppet agent ping failed: [Connection refused]

    [2012:07:03 09:32:22][INFO][PuppetFinalize:txnId=4:subTxnId=104][finalizeNodes.php:369][]: Puppet finalize, succeeded for 0 and failed for 1 of total 1 hosts

    Any idea………..

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