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    Kamal Hussain

    Is it possible to add new VMs to the Sandbox by using Ambari? I see an option from Ambari GUI to add hosts. Not sure which ssh keys should be specified here. Is it the ssh key in the Sandbox host? Can the new VM be running any distribution of Linux or does it have to be CentOS?

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    Hi Kamal,
    I am not sure that adding new VMs is the best way to go if you want to expand the cluster. There are a number of port forwarding settings in the sandbox that may create problems if you attempt to go this route. If you wanted to build out a full cluster, my suggestion would be to download the Ambari installation and go that route preventing you from experiencing issues. The sandbox is meant to provide a high level glimpse into Hadoop and the Hortonworks distribution in general. I hope this helps.


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