Ambari 1.5.1 problem with upgrades

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    Pramod Thangali

    After upgrading to Ambari 1.5.1, Ambari agents are configured with wrong repo URL for HDP and most management operations will fail.

    Root Cause

    Beginning in Ambari 1.5.1, the agents that report to the Ambari server have been changed to an OS Family instead of a specific Operating System. Centos6, RedhHat6, and Oracle Linux6 now all belong to the redhat6 family. If you have set a local repo for one of these specific operating systems, and you upgrade to Ambari 1.5.1, the local repo configuration in the Ambari database and what the agent reports will be out of sync. Refer to the following list for a complete mapping of operating systems to OS Family:

    centos6, oraclelinux6, redhat6: redhat6

    centos5, oraclelinux5, redhat: redhat5

    SLES, Suse: suse


    If you configured local repo for Centos6, after the upgrade agents will report host OS as ‘redhat6’ and will be configured with the wrong repo URL.

    Note: If all the hosts in your clusters are redhat6, you will not see this issue.

    This issue will be fixed in 1.6.0, currently planned for GA in May.

    Temporary Workaround

    Run the following command to set the local repo URL for the correct OS Family:

    ambari-server upgradestack <Stack Id> <local repo url> <OS Family>

    – Stack Id: Current stack id for the cluster, eg: HDP-2.0.6, HDP-2.1, etc.
    – Repo URL: Local repo URL
    – OS Family: redhat(5 /6), suse11

    Example for centos6 clusters with HDP 2.1 Stack:
    ambari-server upgradestack HDP-2.1 http://localrepo redhat6

    Thank you,

    Ambari Team

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