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    NewBe Lee

    Hi guys,

    First time try to install HDP using Ambari, when at the step of registering agents with server it failed, got error message below:

    Controller.py:100 – Cannot register host with not supported os type, hostname=bidw-hdp-02.priv.zulily.com, serverOsType=redhat6, agentOstype=centos linux6

    which doesn’t make sense that all nodes installed with same OS, centos6.0, tried few times even reinstalled Ambari still not working. Looked into some Python scripts but don’t see a clue where to fix it, anyone has any idea to fix it??? it’s quite frustrating…

    thanks a ton!

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    NewBe Lee

    Thanks for reply. I got it fixed myself by modifying a piece of code on Ambari Agent servers, Facter.py, the part of detecting OS, I forced it to return same OS type of Ambari server, and registration succeeded. This seems a bug to me and not sure I make a right change….scary


    Jeff Sposetti

    Looks like someone else had a similar issue and has posted a workaround:


    Can you confirm: are you running Ambari 1.5.0? “ambari-server –version”

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