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    David Ritch

    At my site, we have a standard install based on Scientific Linux. I thought I would be able to get a quick start with HDP using the automated installation with Amabari. I was disappointed to find that it failed when registering the nodes. Apparently, ambari-server detects the system type as redhat6, while ambari-client detects the same system as scientific6. Scientific Linux, like CentOS, is based on RHEL and this incompatibility surprised me.

    Is there a straightforward configuration modification I can make to enable the automated system to work, or is Ambari too distribution-specific to allow that?



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    Sasha J

    we are not officially supporting Scientific linux…
    Even if it derived from RedHat, it may have some differences.
    Let us move this discussion out of the forums, I will contact you by e-mail directly.

    Thank you!
    Leonid Fedotov
    Technical Support Engineer

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