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    Hello, I am having some troubles installing via ambari server, it seems the installation is going well, but the servers won’t registrate correctly.
    Could it be the ntpd is not setup correctly ?

    Verifying Python version compatibility...
    Using python /usr/bin/python2.6
    Checking for previously running Ambari Agent...
    Starting ambari-agent
    Verifying ambari-agent process status...
    Ambari Agent successfully started
    Agent PID at: /var/run/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.pid
    Agent log at: /var/log/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.out
    ('hostname: ok evl2400470.eu.verio.net
    ip: ok xx.xx.xx.xx
    cpu: ok
    disks: ok
    os: ok Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.10 (Tikanga)
    iptables: ok
    Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 81171 packets, 29M bytes)
    pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

    Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes)
    pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

    Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 42431 packets, 7410K bytes)
    pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination
    selinux: ok SELINUX=disabled
    yum: ok yum-3.2.22-40.el5
    rpm: ok rpm-
    openssl: ok openssl-0.9.8e-27.el5_10.1
    curl: ok curl-7.15.5-17.el5_9
    wget: ok wget-1.11.4-3.el5_8.2
    net-snmp: ok net-snmp-
    net-snmp-utils: UNAVAILABLE
    ruby: ok ruby-
    puppet: ok puppet-3.4.2-1.el5
    nagios: UNAVAILABLE
    ganglia: UNAVAILABLE
    passenger: UNAVAILABLE
    hadoop: UNAVAILABLE
    yum_repos: ok
    AMBARI-1.x Ambari 1.x 5
    HDP-UTILS- Hortonworks Data Platform Utils Version - HDP-UTI 52
    zypper_repos: UNAVAILABLE
    ', None)
    (" u'responseId': 0,
    u'responseStatus': u'OK',
    u'statusCommands': []}
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:21,936 Controller.py:96 - Got status commands on registration []
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:21,936 Controller.py:116 - No commands from the server : []
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:21,936 Controller.py:224 - Response from server = OK
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:31,937 Heartbeat.py:59 - Heartbeat dump: {'componentStatus': [],
    'hostname': 'evl2400470.eu.verio.net',
    'nodeStatus': {'cause': 'NONE', 'status': 'HEALTHY'},
    'reports': [],
    'responseId': 0,
    'timestamp': 1394182831936}
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:31,998 Controller.py:150 - Got server response: {u'executionCommands': [],
    u'registrationCommand': None,
    u'responseId': 1,
    u'restartAgent': False,
    u'statusCommands': []}
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:31,998 Controller.py:116 - No commands from the server : []
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:31,998 Controller.py:116 - No commands from the server : []
    INFO 2014-03-07 10:00:31,998 Controller.py:177 - No commands sent from the Server.
    ", None)

    Connection to evl2400470 closed.
    Registering with the server...
    Registration with the server failed.

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    Akshay Iyengar

    I am not even using the FQDNs. I am using the IP addresses directly and they do not work. I used the FQDNs and they do not work as well. My /etc/hosts/ has:

    192.1XX.X.XX ambariserver.company.com ambariserver
    192.1XX.X.XX machine1.company.com machine1
    192.1XX.X.XX machine2.company.com machine2

    Regardless of whether I put the IP address, machine1/2 or machine1/2.company.com, it fails to register. I even tried the manually adding Ambari agents method and that fails too. If I do it the normal way, my error log is identical to yours. So, how exactly did you solve it?



    Yes I used FQDN, solved this issue by changing evl240070 to evl240070.eu.something.net in the step where we choose the hosts.
    my hostname had lines like this:

    83.X.231.X evl2400469.eu.something.net evl2400469

    with ‘X’ being regular numbers of course.

    Having now some trouble with HUE, but this topic is not for it.

    Have a good day :)


    D Blair Elzinga

    I’ve had this same issue as well – finally gave up on Ambari and went to manual installation of HDP – which is also very rocky. There are several missing things from the instructions. I’ve gotten most of the things working now, but still having permission and notification issues with oozie.


    Jeff Sposetti

    Are you using FQDN? For example, what is returned from “hostname -f” on the machines? Is that what you put into the host list during register the hosts?



    I synchronized my NTP at last in the ntp.conf i put on the lines
    server evl240070
    server evl240071
    server evl240078

    which are my others servers.
    Then i did service ntpd restart.

    Still, can’t go throught the registration process of confirming host.

    Thanks for helping :)



    I am installing Haddop 2.0 and the automated install on ambari.
    I followed everystep on install documentation.
    iptables/selinux is desactived on all machines.
    Hosts is configured.
    Passwordless works.
    Then whatis missing ?
    NTP seems synchronised so I didnt touch it

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