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    Here is the gist


    Ambari restart-services give-bash: /usr/lib/hadoop/bin/hadoop-daemon.sh: Permission denied <br> An 11 node virtualized hdfs stack was set up using ambari 1.3.2 . Setup was successful. I then wanted to shutdown the cluster to add ceph as a backend storage. On restart I get permission denied errors on the daemons, jobtracker datanode etc. I don’t believe this was due to ceph stuff because the only overlapping parameter with the original core-site.xml was fs.default.name. I also got the same errors on a prior attempt without the core-site.xml changes. Note that this was not a pure fresh install as i had made an error on startup and had to do an ambari-server reset followed by a CleanHosts.py on all nodes. However, afterwards, the cluster started fine and passed all ambari smoketests

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    ps. I am running on centos6.5 and I tried to run the ambari-check.sh mentioned in the sticky, but the ftp download failed twice. Could not find a file by that name on the ambari github.

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