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    I use AWS and sometimes have to stop and start instances. To keep things simple, I spun up just one instance and have all components installed on it. Jobs were running and it was all good. But I have to stop it to save money. It’s an Ambari install.

    When I stop and then start the instance, the hostname and IP address change. The Amabri Server web UI shows my prior hostname and IP address, the values that I used when I successfully installed the components. I updated the IP information in the three config files core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml, and mapred-site.xml to the new IP.

    How do I update the hostname and IP values in Ambari Server so I can use it after I restart my AWS instance?

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    Jeff Sposetti

    See if the steps here (step 6) about setting the public hostname to use for a machine help.




    Our edge nodes have public and private IPs. Using the instructions of using custom hostnames we managed to setup a couple of clusters with the edge nodes private IP and the ambari server showing so in the UI. However, we just setup a new cluster and the ambari server show the private IP. We tried to correct the IP in the postgres file and it gets overwritten. We don’t know why in this install things didn’t work out. /etc/hosts look the same in our new cluster and previous clusters. Any idea how we can fix this? what overwrites the IP in postgres? where is it grabbing the public IP from?


    Gandhi Manalu

    I’m sorry to bring back old post. However I encounter the same exact issue. Has anybody found a solution for this? Thanks in advance.


    Larry Liu

    Hi, Phillip

    I used DHCP for my cluster. The ambari server ip could change. I tried to play with postgresql and haven’t figured out if it works or not. Postgresql does have information about the ip and hostname. I will let you know once I figure out a solution.

    And this scenario is not fully tested and supported. Also when you update configuration files directly from the server, the changes will not take effect. The risk is that there might be potential issues that we couldn’t find out at early stage.



    A partial solution is static hostname and IP. I created an AMI of the host that HDP was installed on. Next, I created a VPC and then launched the AMI, using the VPC.

    My solution to the rest of the problem is to copy out HDFS to the host file system and reinstall the bits. Then copy from local back to HDFS.

    I haven’t looked yet into going into PostgreSQL. If anyone’s successfully gone into PostgreSQL to update hostname and IP, please post on whether or not it’s a good idea.

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